About us

JAMAL SADIQ INTL TRADING is the leading supplier for containerized food commodities from Malaysia to other part of the world. We are able to improve our responsiveness & competitiveness for our customers. Cost leadership, Service, Innovation & Quality is our motto of operation.

JAMAL SADIQ INTL TRADING work with Refineries and factories with a combined capacities in excess of 12 500 MT per month handling various consumer and industrial sizes and cater to more than 50 countries worldwide. In addition, we are integrated with plastic jerry cans manufacturing that are specially designed to fit maximum in a 20 foot container for export purposes. We use plastic jerry cans of sizes 5 liters, 10 liters, 18 liters, 20 liters & 25 liters as part of our overall operation for packing RBD Palm oil and Olein.

JAMAL SADIQ INTL TRADING is the first in the industry to produce the innovative stackable NPET 10 liters & 20 liters container which can translate to significant cost savings in comparison to traditional jerry cans. This innovation will change the horizon of plastic packaging containers for cooking oils in the coming years.

Reliable Products
Our product includes a whole range of Palm based Cooking Oil, all-purpose Shortenings, Soybean, Canola, Corn, Sunflower, Coconut Oil, peanut oil, Vegetable Ghee, Sugar, frozen chicken, fruits and vegetables, seeds, grains, wheat and Milk Fat for both consumer and industrial usage.

Palm related products – Soap Noodle, Multi-Purpose Bath & Laundry Soap, Candle Wax, PFAD & CFAD are also in our product range.

JAMAL SADIQ INTL TRADING strives for continual innovations and non-compromising quality to ensure all our customers the most affordable cost and product value.

Worldwide Distribution
JAMAL SADIQ INTL TRADING has a wide international network and is presence in all 7 continents. Our products can be found in the most remote parts of the world. Our advance daily pricing system also provides our valuable partners / buyers with the most up to date information for them to make timely purchasing decisions.